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Browning BDA 380 Gun Review

The Browning BDA 380 is a 9mm handgun manufactured during the mid-70s and adopted by various countries in the early 80s. It was one of the contenders of US handguns for 9mms during that time but eventually lost to Barretta 92F.

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Shot Show 2011Shot Show 2011 - Are You Attending? Share Your Past Experiences.

The Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show and Conference (SHOT Show) is the largest and most comprehensive trade show for all professionals involved with the shooting sports and hunting ...

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Attending Gun Shows

We will send a free t-shirt to wear at a gun show and flyers to pass out to attendees if anyone is interested.

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Top Five (5) Largest Drug Busts In History

The war on drugs continues to grow in value as billions of dollars are generated monthly throughout the world. The illegal importation of drugs will never stop despite billion dollar drug busts and wide scale deaths. Despite the busts, drug lords continue to rake in the cash and live lavish, pampered lives. Following are the Top Largest Five Drug Busts In History.

Computer Hackers Will Always Be Ahead Of The Law

The United States Government, Playboy, Western Union, and CD Universe are just a few of thousands of businesses and government departments that have been hacked into resulting in over a billion dollars of damages per year and climbing. The number of hackings will continue to climb because finance to hackers and organization by hackers will keep hackers ahead of the law.

What You Need To Know About Anthrax

The United States or any other nation could fall victim to a toxic anthrax attack killing millions, however most people throughout the world have no idea what anthrax is and what precautions to take in the event of an outbreak. Following is what you need to know about anthrax.

Complete Camping Guide

Follow the complete camping guide and be sure of a fulfilled and a safe camping experience even in the wilderness

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