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My Son

Jan. 10, 2013 @ 8:45pm, my 23 yr. old son was brutally murdered, shot multiple times by thugs! Politicians, the guns didn't kill my son, the animals did!!!! To all Law Enforcement active and ...

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Hello to All My Gun Slinging Buddies out there. Well, this past Saturday, I took advantage of my Father's Day gift my son gave me, a gift certificate to a gun range. Now, I know I've been a ...

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Thank You

As Christmas draws ever so near, I am forced to think of our Servicemen who are sacrificing for us. Because of all of you, you make it possible for me and my family to enjoy a peaceful, loving ...

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My Possibilities

I'm 49 and as I stated in my introduction some months back, I've developed an interest in guns. I can thank my buddy who was a Sheriff's Officer for that. Anyway, in 1984, when I was 24 yrs. ...

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