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Just curios.......What sort of gun do you own if you do own a gun?

I would think since this is gunslot the people here would own a gun or two. My father has a few guns of his own and let's me shot them from time to time. What sort of guns do you own????

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I need some help....please

1.) how do I earn more that 1 point everytime I post? 2.) what are the rankings about? 3.) Who should I watch out here for, like any S.O.Bs? HELP!!!??? Please?!? Thank you very much. God ...

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Anyone in the Army/military here?

Thankz. My dad is the military.

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Support our troops!

We see them every day on the back windows of SUVs, on the fuel doors of sedans--stickers and magnets that say "Support Our Troops." Sometimes they sport yellow ribbons; sometimes American flags. ...

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