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Practice does not make perfect!

More to come. Almost finished annual in-service training, then I'll be posting more often. Practice does not make perfect! I work full time as a local Police Officer and we are in the middle of ...

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What is a Sheepdog

This was emailed to me from a friend and fellow sheepdog. Just passing it along. Semper Fi Most of the people in our society are sheep. They are kind, gentle, productive creatures who can only ...

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The Fighting AR15, Part 1- Gas Piston vs Direct Impingement

The Fighting AR15, Part 1- Gas Piston vs Direct Impingement There is a lot of discussion about the reliability, or lack there of, of the AR15 platform. The latest and greatest solution to this ...

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My name is Jason. I'm a full time Police Officer in southeastern Louisiana and a Gunsmith. I have over 10 years experience in Smith work specializing in Tactical Weapons, everyting from Full-Auto ...

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Advanced Tactical Solutions of Louisiana
United States
LEO, Gunsmith

Former Marine 0311- Security Forces CQB Operator, Designated Marksman, Scout Sniper Platoon Member (MED Dropped from S/S School 2 weeks away from graduation due to knee injury).

Full Time LEO- Weapons Retention & Disarm Instructor, Taser Instructor, Stinger Spike Systems Instructor, Use of Force Instuctor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Corrections Special Operations trainer/operator, Gang Investigator, Patrol Officer.

Certified Professional Gunsmith, Glock Armorer, Springfield XD Armorer, Benelli Armorer.

Full service gunsmith specializing in tactical weapons for sheepdogs.

Advanced Tactical Solutions of Louisiana

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