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Black Rain Ordinance

Allright guy's and Gal's. If you have any personal experience or just a good ol opinion. I wouldn't mind hearing it. I recently got myself A Black rain ordinance AR. It has the silver skulls ...

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Lost Values.

Hey there "Gunslot" gang.. I have some things bothering me quite a bit more than usual as of late and figure I could vent it here. I feel like Gunslot patrons may have some feelings of their own ...

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Just for fun

This is something I found a while back that I think some of you guys and gal's might really like.. It's a program I stumbled on called "Pimp my gun".. The entire point of the program is to ...

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Been to long

Man it's been almost a year and a half . Since I've had the chance to grace Gunslot with my presence . It's nice to see the same old gang of guys who's post I most enjoyed sifting through. SamD , ...

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Just another firearm enthusiast..looking for a place to state an opinion . That wont be instantly attacked by hoards of anti everything douchebags... Served with some of the best men America had birthed. I've since moved on to private contracting. " Sometimes there is an itch that you just have to scratch " . Proud to say that most of this has occurred during my tenure with this site.

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