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Man, oh Man! I am so embarrassed!

I woke up this morning after an office party last night with a pounding headache, cotton-mouthed and utterly unable to recall the events of the preceding evening. After a trip to the bathroom, I ...

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I just paid my 2008 Taxes

and Boy am I Pissed!? I hope the welfare recipients are happy! I hope the "bailouts" are happy. I hope my bank--also a bailout recipient-- is happy! They probably aren't though, as my paltry ...

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Who's the toughest?

During a routine patrol three members of a joint-task force reconnaissance team, a Special Forces Soldier, a Marine, and a Navy Seal got separated from their squad in the mountains of Afghanistan. ...

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Self defense is harmful to the environment (1 Week ago)

Gun Rights Examiner Mar 19

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I work, I vote, I (begrudgingly) pay Taxes. I haven't forfeited my rights through the commission of any crimes, and I support the Bill of Rights. For some reason, however, I am not trusted by the liberal left. Nothin' pisses me off worse than someone trying to tell me how to live, what I can or cannot own, or how much of what I EARN by the sweat of my brow am I allowed to keep AFTER they confiscate a third of my earnings, and then send me a bill for the balance in April. It just ain't right. I prefer to pay more for goods at my local proprietors rather than shop with the big conglomerate retailers, but nearly everything comes from China anyway, still, I would rather put money in my neighbors' pockets as opposed to paying a bunch of stockholders abroad. It doesn't always work out that way, though. I served in the Navy, graduated college, raised a daughter, and in 2000, (jointly) owed more taxes than I earned (personally). My daughter urged me not to vote for Obama... I applaud her for her wisdom.

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