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Glock 22c

Why I love my Glock

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In the realm of the internet forums (be they cooking, erotic, or those for hobbies...aka this gunslot site) I'm ALWAYS me. I have my fun & flirty side, and I have my intense & serious side...and I have my smartass side - which IMHO is way better than being a dumbass or jackass!
I freely speak what's on my mind to the shock & horror of others, and to the amusement of some. I'm extremely open to the extent that if you ask me a question, just make sure you can handle my reply and if you can't well bless your heart honey, you shouldn't have asked the question. I'm very much an open book, no holds barred...I treat people on the internet like I would in every day life. I can be a guy's worst nightmare or his wettest dream - and if you piss me off well you'll pretty much think that you've just been skinny dipping w/ a snapping turtle (that sorta sounded kinky huh?!)
I love making friends, and when you become my friend, you become someone where I'll always have your back. I’m not into people who are fake, and I’m not into pretending to be someone I'm not; you'll either love me or hate me...and I don't give a flying fuck what people think of me. I love people, music rules my moods. I adore our military members, if you are one thank you for your service!

Geez why does this make me think I've just written a Craigslist ad? Oh and I hate clowns!

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