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Sold a family member

Sold a gun the other day, felt like I was selling a family member even though the only time it was touched in the last few years, was to be taken out of the safe to be cleaned. It was a shotgun ...

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Bullseye league

Do anybody shoot in a bulls eye league? Have a friend that wants me to join this winter, do you find them enjoyable and helpful with your marksmanship? League is 15 or 16 weeks long, plus they ...

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Taurus 709 slim

Wife has this gun loves it for concealment, likes how it feels in her hands. But she shoots consistantly low and to the left with it. It has a very long trigger pull, first few rounds she ...

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Good morning from Michigan

I was looking through gun forums and found this site. Looks like a good site with lots of information, video's, pictures and friendly people. I have been a hunter most of my life, but new to ...

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