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my hero has always been Arnold Swarwhatever. when i was a kid he was just making the conan movies and winning the mr. universe and being somebody. and i allways thought he would be a good working ...

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what is itwhat do i have?

ok , i got ahold of an old bolt action rifle today and i'm not sure what it is. i will try to add some pics,but so far i haven't been very good at it. anyway it says fabrica de armas, oviedo ...

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from the mouths of babes

ya'll will love this. i showed my 9 yr. old the forum on "when toasters attack" she liked the picture of the toaster and the pics of the guns especially the lever action cause she has a henry .22 ...

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i suppose i should officially intro myself to gunslot and their members. i am enjoying the site a lot and getting around in it better all the time. i think ya'll are doing a great job and a great ...

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I guess i have done a lot of stuff, or not very much. just depends on who you ask. like to hunt don't get to do much any more, but am teaching my 2 daughters what i know. [ took about 3 minutes ] used to love to pheasant hunt in kansas but can't do it here with out dogs. never been much for that, nothing against it just not my thing. i love toshoot and do quite often. can go in the back yard and i have a range that i made for just about anything. i like to bring the local scouts out and do some trap shooting, they like it a lot. my girls have their own guns 8 yr old has a .22/.22 mag pistol and a .22 lever action henry. she is a pretty good shot with either. my 12 yr old has a s&w .38 and a marlin .38/357 lever action. she doesn't get into it that much, but i want her to be able to if need arises. thats about it in a nutshell.

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