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Yellow dust on Federal Primers

Hellow fellow gunsloters!! I hope you are all doing well. Been a while since I checked in. I have a question. I ordered some Federal large pistal primers a few months ago. The first box I ...

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1-4, 1-5 scope choices for AR

So, I'm thinking of getting into 3 gun competitions. I've been looking at 1-4 scopes and ran accross some 1-5 and 1-6 etc. I definetly want a true 1x and illuminated reticle. However, I'm ...

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Why is the Department of Homeland Security Buying so much Ammo???

I don't know if you guys have been talking about this or not. I looked throught the last couple of days posts and didn't see anything that jumped out at me about it. But, I read where the DHS ...

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IN the News today California Senate

While I don't have a problem with a gun being taken away from a convicted felon, this article just makes me wonder what California is trying to work up ...

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