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Thought you might want to know. Natchez Shooters Supply has sent me an e-mail saying they had some of the more desirable calibers in stock.

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Hunting rifles getting bigger

Recoil in rifles "for hunting" is somewhat of a suppressed subject. I don't know if manly men don't think others manly if they complain about recoil in their old thuty-thuty. Or, recoil whiners ...

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Precluding disaster

After thinking about a couple of .40 S&W JHP, very, very high energy rounds in a magazine (for my Glock 23, w/standard barrel),I decided to make a change. After removing the 1st round in the ...

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Cyber Psycho Lurks in Shadows

Never has done anything consequential and never will. I hope dad paid off all of it's porno sites and helped him/her get a drivers license. You can go out tomorrow. It will be just like ...

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