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USMC & USN - Retired

Served 30 years in the United States Armed Forces. Last 24 at Naval Special Warfare Development Group. Concentrated and grouped into, Joint Psychological Operations Task Force (JPOTF).

Retired Chief Warrant Officer 3 - Ordnance Technician (surface). I am now RETIRED (30SEP08) from all official duties! HOOYAH! I do continue to serve as my American Legion Post's; Veterans Service Officer/Veterans Benefits Officer. (VSO/VBO)

It is extremely rewarding to be of service to my Brothers & Sisters-In-Arms. Even so; my heart bleeds so profusely for these Noble Souls that are now home and changed forever. Often times I must step away from this, the most rewarding and gratifying of all DUTIES I've ever volunteered to carry out; and "come home" again." (It can be very emotional at times and it never seems to me that I have done enough.) If you are a Combat Veteran, you know exactly what I mean.

Rest assured however; that the Gunner will be back on watch after every short step away. On point, so that I can do all within my power to help returning Veteran Warriors, "Come Home Again" HOOYAH!

Since 9/11/2001, The Naval Special Warfare Community has lost many men within this small Brotherhood. The Naval Special Warfare Family mourns the loss of each. I ask all to take a moment of silent reverence and in your own way, pay homage to not just these fallen WARRIORS; but for all that have walked downrange, all that have worn our Nation's Cloth. For all that continue to wrap themselves in our Colors and face what the majority will never know or even understand.

Training, 2009:
SOC (SEAL) Eric F. Shellenberger - Class 232

Afghanistan, 2008:
SO1 (SEAL-DEVGRU) Joshua Thomas Harris - Class: 236
SOCS (SEAL-DEVGRU) John Wayne Marcum - Class: 186
SOC-select (SEAL-DEVGRU) Jason Richard Freiwald - Class: 215

Iraq, 2008:
SOC (SEAL) Nathan Hardy - Class: 221
SOC (SEAL) Michael Koch - Class: 224
PO1 Luis Souffront - (EOD)

Training, 2008:
SO2 (SEAL) Shapoor "Alex" Ghane - Class: 256
SOCS (SEAL) Thomas Valentine - Class: 169
SOC (SEAL) Lance Vaccaro - Class: 210

Iraq, 2007:
SO1 (SEAL) Jason D. Lewis - Class: 212
CTT1(SW) Steven P. Daugherty
MC1 (AW/SW) Robert R. McRill
SO2 (SEAL) Joseph Clark Schwedler - Class: 246
SOC (SEAL-DEVGRU) Mark T. Carter - Class: 226

Iraq, 2006:
AO2 (SEAL) Marc Lee - Class: 251
MA2 (SEAL) Michael A. Monsoor - Class: 250

Afghanistan, 2005:
FCC (SEAL) Jacques J. Fontan - Class: 219
LCDR (SEAL) Erik S. Kristensen - Class: 233
ET1 (SEAL) Jeffery A. Lucas - Class: 191
LT. (SEAL) Michael M. McGreevy, Jr. - Class: 230
HM1 (SEAL) Jeffrey S. Taylor - Class: 229
GM2 (SEAL) Danny P. Dietz - Class: 232
SOCS (SEAL) Daniel R. Healy - Class: 176
LT (SEAL) Michael P. Murphy - Class: 236
MM2 (SEAL) Shane E. Patton - Class: 239
QM2 (SEAL) James Suh - Class: 237
ST2 (SEAL) Matthew Axelson - Class: 237

Afghanistan, 2004:
SO1 (SEAL-DEVGRU) Brian Ouellette - Class: 173

United States, 2004:
HMCS (SEAL/IDC/SWCC) Theodore Fitzhenry - Class: 130
PO2 Robert Vetter (SWCC)

Afghanistan, 2003:
SO1 (SEAL-DEVGRU) David M. Tapper - Class: 172
PO1 (SEAL-DEVGRU) Thomas E. Retzer - Class: 198

El Salvador, 2002:
Cmdr. (SEAL) Peter G. Oswald - Class: 153

Afghanistan, 2002:
PO1 (SEAL-DEVGRU) Neil Roberts - Class 184 (First SEAL to die in Afghanistan & the first to die in combat since 1989)
CWO (SEAL-DEVGRU) Matthew Bourgeois - Class 162

Yemen, 2002:
ENS.(SEAL) Jerry Oreall Pope - Class 165

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