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Tax Bill

Both houses of Congress passed the tax bill on which Obama and influential Republicans cooperated, then today Obama signed it into law. I'm sure that there are parts of the bill that some of you ...

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No more BLOG

I just noticed (maybe I'm a bit slow), but there's no more heading for BLOG up above. I think it's a good thing, because nobody had put anything into it in well over a year. Quinton, Marvin, or ...

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Hi! You're on again! Great to have you, Jim. Please go up by your name (carbine), and click on "my profile", then fill in things about yourself. You may want to check out other member's profiles ...

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Help needed with an AR

I have a really good friend in Reading, PA who's decided that he wants an AR. He's been involved with combat handguns and WWII rifles, but now he wants an AR. He knows even less about them than ...

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Bob Moon
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Retired industrial research chemist

Grew up in a small/tiny town in TX. Lived & worked all over the country, chasing the dollar - most moves involved changing jobs. Learned to shoot before I started school. Guns all over the house when I was a kid, most loaded. Guns all over my house now - the only ones unloaded are in a safe. Taught my daughters to shoot while they were in grade school, & about gun safety. I mostly enjoy handguns of all sorts, with emphasis on personal protection, self- & home-defense. I'm a news junkie, & try to keep involved with politics & things related to personal freedom & 2nd Amendment issues.

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