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Sickly young whippersnapper

I got a case of strep throat, I probobly wont be on for a few days.

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My mauser.

I looked at it a little closer and found this stamped on the side, not sure what it means though, haha. Mauser Modelo Argentino 1891 manufactura loewe berlin BXXXX

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I have a tendancy to blink when I shoot.. Should I work on correcting this? P.s. I came across an opportunity for some money so I can start the M14 for gpa fund. haha

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So My grandfather served in the vietnam war (god bless all our troops). All through his arms training he used a springfield M1a, also known as the M14. When he was sent to nam they handed him an ...

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United States

I'm just a 16 year old kid that likes to hunt and blow shit up! haha.

Ok, so I'm not JUST a 16 year old kid that likes to blow shit up. I practice proper gun safety. I go hunting. I am fully aware what a bullet does if it hits you. I am also aware that a shell coming out of a mini 14 HURTS LIKE HELL IF IT HITS YOU IN THE FACE!! haha. I am not your average liberal, ignorant 16 year old. I know this nation needs turned around, and fast. I'm not one to keep going on agout myself, so... Th Th tha tha the thats all folks.

My guns:
.308 Saiga
20 guage remmington shotgun (12 guage hurt my shoulder when I was 12, lol
7,65 aregentenian mauser (not 7,62, it is a different calibur)

Guns I will most likely inherit
my grandfathers .22lr survival rifle
my grandfathers .357 magnum

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