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Saint's "lil" man thread..

Maybe this can be a place to put some good news in the near future.. As it is our buddy Saints son, who Jim calls his "little" man, or "lil" man is apparantly not doing all that well.. When the ...

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1911 stuff, Webley stuff.. and holsters for "stuff"/

Some time ago when i was shooting 45ACP's a lot i came across Charleys surplus out of Chicago .. i was sorta underwhelmed. but a few days ago while i was shoping for new holsters for the remmies ...

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Prayers for Saint's son..

Jim.. This posted prayer wont end other prayers for the boy, you will have them till you advise all is well.. as always i said a little prayer first that this would be as free from "self" and as ...

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back.. home stuff, gun stuff..

Told you all (those who were paying attention) i would be out for a month to do the move.. being the slow (but lousy worker) ploder i am it took closer to 6 weeks.. Gosh what fun they've been.. ...

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