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Many years in the military as an information gatherer and tactical responder utilizing a plethera of weapons, some not as civilized as others. Trained Stalker, but for the right purposes not a creeper. Love women and guns. I am extremely passionate about our 2nd Amendment rights and am from the people, of the people, and for the people...the working people and not the lazy moochers. I have served in many countries to include Korea, Panama, Columbia, Mexico, Bosnia, Kosovo, and most of all in Iraq and Afghanistan with the later being more of what I would consider my dwelling place since I have been there way too much. I am a marathon man with a weight lifter's body and can run for days with heavy loads. I am not a god, do not equate myself as the greatest, but I believe in God and He is my strength, my rock, my shield, my sword, and my defender. And on that belief and belief in the beginning of our country from the Constitution I do swear to uphold lawful orders given that support the Constitution. To take away from the intent of the Constitution is blasphemous and I abhor such political correctness that attempt to diminish our great country built on freedoms that shall never be taken away. I have no secrets, but maintain the promises in which I have made until released from such promises. I believe in integrity, honor, duty, and trueAmericans. In no others do I trust for their God is not my God. God is my witness. He is with me.

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