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any idea if theay make a good gun

hi i am looking to buy a nother m16 but the one i have is from colt and i figured i would give kimber a try does any one know if theay make good m16 or m4 in that fact like a tactical rifle i ...

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m14 questions

hi i am going out tomorow to a fire arm store down the street from my house and i am buying the m14 there and thay charge a lot for the ammo i just want to know is any one knows where i can buy ...

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what is a good armor or metal to shoot

what is a good metal or armor to shoot at over 1,100yards yards i am using my 50 cal sniper rifle u nent to put it as this sorry guys typo my own falt my friend works for a metal yard and theay ...

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what you think is better hand guns or rifles

hi just want to know what your people think is better do you think hand gun's are better or rifles me i like rifles i like how in the military you can be stealthy lol

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i love guns and military i know a bit abouat guns i have shot over 100 guns and tested them and made upgrades fo them and put them under stress tests and so and much more i know a lot with the guts in side how theay work what will mess it up the fps of a ton of guns lol i study a lot

if u ever need to know any questions abouat any gun send me a messafge and i will help out

i have a

m16 m4a1 ak47 deserteagle 40cal colt a winchester 30 30 remington hunting rifle

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