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HK P30Heckler and Koch's P30: "One Size Fits All" Service Pistol

The Most Ergonomically Advanced Service Pistol On The Market

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HK45cHK45 Compact

Heckler and Koch's HK45 Compact: The Ultimate CCW Handgun

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Slide Fire StockSlide Fire Solutions AR15 Bumpfire-stocks

The other day a former police officer who taught my CCW class came into the shop, and was talking about a stock for AR15s that is a bump fire mechanism but actually works good, and is basically ...

Full forum »'s Gen4 G17 Endurance's gen4 Glock test has a Gen4 Glock 17 endurance test up. go check it out. There is some valuable information there for people who own glocks. Doesnt matter what generation you have but the ...

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My W. Germany Sig P220 .45acpOld W. German Sig Sauer P220, new magazines?

So I just picked up an Older(1992) west german made Sig Sauer P220 in .45 acp. All I need to know is if anyone else has a West German made P220 and if the new sig factory mags work well with ...

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Glock GLOCK: Perfection or Not?

Now, First off I want to say that I do like Glock pistols. I do enjoy shooting glock pistols. When I went to purchase my first handgun, it was a Glock 26. My next purchase was a Glock 22, my ...

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I am currently working a position as a K9 Handler, i dont actually do the training myself, but I guess you could say Ive absorbed some training knowledge through the trainers there. I also help out whenever I get free time at a local gun shop/ sporting goods store. If you have any questions about any guns or dog training, feel free to ask. Always glad to help out.


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