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new song Don't want to offend anyone that might take this the wrong way. Just received and thought it was worth passing on. You'll seem to like some humor. Please support our ...

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nra vs reid

Thanks Lance. I do appreciate your response. For 3 weeks I have attempted to contact wayne la pierre- Cox - etc.via phone calls-emails and no return calls. Yesterday I sent my written cancellation

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In moved from upstate ny in 1979 to escape the weather, gun laws, and the taxes. Have ccw from ny and Arizona. Have son in law enforcement. I worked with Ruger, Ithaca, Remington arms, sterling Arms, United Sporting Arms, PSE, Dillion, and many others to aid in design and mfg their products. We covered all areas of foundries, machining, and assemblies. Had clearances to work on projects that were design sensitive. Some of these were cruise missle(Raytheon)-Hughes, Honeywell, tomahawk, mark 50 torpedo, etc. I love this country and have always fought hard in what I believe to be the high road. If this means calling some one out based on their actions or "non actions"-so be it. I am amazed that no one on this form has admitted to contacting the nra to explain their recent $ endorsement to reid. By your silence you are allowing the power brokers to continue using donated $ to support some of the most corrupt people in history. To semi quote reid I can't believe any nra member would vote (or donate $) to reid. You guys amaze me by your lack of any kind of response.
Your silence signals acceptence.

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