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Camo M&P 15

Just saw this 2day for the first time: Smith and Wesson has introduced their very popular M&P 15 in a camo version, comparable to that of the Remington R-15(just talkin about the paint job, ...

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External Safeties on Pistols

So far, all the pistols I own have an external safety. What is ur opinion...External safety or no external safety, such as on Glocks and XD's. Also, do the Sig P250 and H&K USP have an ...

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.40S&W vs. .45ACP

Which, in your opinion is the better caliber? People have touched on the subject, but have never given a definite opinion. I am trying to decide which to buy, but I need more feedback like ...

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Barnes Varmint Grenades

I was @ a gunshop and the guy working in firearms gave me a Barnes Bullets DVD. What really caught my attention was their Varmint Grenade bullets, that explode on contact. On that DVD, there is a ...

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