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well hell

I've posted and I've answered a message and yet I do not see anything on my end indicating that any of it actually went through so I'm gonna log off for now and try back again another time. here's ...

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How Do, everyone?

Well, I'm still waking up on the green side. Went through 3 more bouts of rejection and the last one was pretty rough on me. I have not shot in months, just not up to going and get worn out pretty ...

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Steel Match, Sat. sucked !!

Well, I gave in and went to an outside match Saturday and it really turned out to be laugh. First my front sight flew off into the sand, seems the drift pin drifted out because I did not stake it ...

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update on Doctor dribble

Well, went in for my follow up on Monday. Yeah I know, lag time with feeling like doing much of anything is my only excuse. Anyway, all numbers are all going in the right direction. They backed ...

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still not sure what to put in here, never been good at this type of thing...

in person I actually keep very quiet until I get to know people, after though I open up pretty much on the excessive side.

if I do not like a person I will tell them, though I will not be an ass to them

if I hate a person, they do not exist, period, even if they think they are in the same room

holding out hope for the human race to not kill its self off

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