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Do YOU feel safe with Norton Anti-Virus?

Now that I'm nice and coazy in my new nest, I'll string along a bit of information you fellows might be interested in.

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The Kel-Tec PLR 16

What is that gun technically listed as? Is it a handgun, or is it legally classed as a short barrel rifle? ( And if its a handgun, is it still legally a handgun if one adds a shoulder stock to it? )

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"G.I. Jane" vs. SamD.

Since the other topic is turning into a quote pyramid, and our discussion is irrelevant to the actual topic, I'm going ahead and starting a thread just for this. Now, on from where we left ...

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First handgun.

In recent months, I've started to feel the pull of the all mighty American icon, the handgun. I've debated myself to an impasse, so here are the options I'm considering.

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