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For Sale ??????????

Hey. I was looking at ammunition on gunsamerica and gunbroker. the price of 9mm hollowpoint stuff is high.. I have some that I would sell. Can I post it for sale here?? Winchester Black talon. ...

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Shawn Harper
St. Joseph
2nd career. corrections officer

I am a 48 year old American male. Born and raised on a ranch in northwest Missouri.
Went to Arizona State University for 4 years, lived in a wilderness camp 10 miles north of the messicanborder supervising juvenile offenders for 1 year.
Moved to the Chicago area and lived there for 19 years. Moved back to northwest Missouri in the spring of 2008. Applied for and hired as a Corrections Officer.

I grew up with guns. Got my first gun for my 6th birthday. A 22 harrington&richards single shot. I still have that gun.
I volunteer as a hunter education instructor and also taught in Illinois.
I have been a competitive shooter for about 30 years. My lastest passion is cowboy action shooting. It is incredibly fun and the people are wonderful to be around and play with. I have played all manner of gun games and in most other games the people are way too serious and forget to have fun and forget to be friendly. They get upset when they dont win, espiecially after they spent several hundred dollars having a gun crank add hot rod parts to their gun.

I love guns and shooting and all the stuff that goes with it.

I have taught a few hundred people how to shoot; about half were women. I have many guns that I term as girl; girl friendly. I hate it when a woman tells the tale of her first shooting experence of a big, loud gun that hurt her.. dumb guys do that.

I have acquired a very nice collection of firearms. I own 2 of many guns; its helpful when teaching someone to shoot. And its cool to have a pair of guns.

Editorial writing is another hobby of mine.

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