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dry lubricant vs gun oil

i use a dry lubricant with cerflon to lube my guns than regular gun oil those dry lube protects as good as gun oil, wd-40 etc

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gun cleaning-stainless brush

i was wondering the best way to clean the gun bore a bronze brush or a stainless brush a gunshop worker told me stainless cleans better another worker told me a stainless could damage the gun bore ...

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buy american?

you hear everyday how this country is being sold out from companies cutting jobs and moving overseas etc,i know are military and police use a large number of glocks and berettas what about ...

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why are these calibers unpopular

i read and hear that the 10mm and the 38super are excellent rounds why don,t the gun industry promote them like other popular rounds like the 9mm,40sw,and so on

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