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Hi All, I've heard a whisper but I don't know if it's true that the air freshener sensors for timed or action activated dispersement ie like those in Glade etc being sold in shops or sent in the ...

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My eldest has to review a film and is getting annoyed because the actors are using a grip that I say is difficult to aim with and almost impossible to let off more than one round with any ...

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I need to defend the US military

During campaigning on the Euro's last night I was gobsmacked with a statement made by another person campaigning who I am meant to be seeing tonight, I need help with an answer I said no that the ...

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Ireland sorry I can't find the thread.

I know I'm a muppet. I'm sorry All I was answering a question regarding the IRA and Ireland I said my peice about the South and was going to do the North seperatly and I can't find the thread but ...

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About Kerryod

Full Name:
Kerry O'Donoghue
Co. Clare.
TV/Motion Picture Producer and HUMINT Technical Advisor to Talent and Writers in the Entertainment Industry

Since Retiring from HUMINT Work


Co-Founder of US based TV and Motion Picture Production Company which also encourages and campaigns to assist Vets work in the Entertainment industry on leaving the Services.

Profile raising and Fund raising for the charity of Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan which assists dogs.

Profile raising for Hollywood Dogs

Talent Scouting for new or unsigned Hip Hop, Rap and other musical talent such as Tyler Prescott and especially Chris Sotiri!/chrisotirimusic also liasing with Artists such as Mazaroddi

Profile raising for Indie Film Studios such as FilmTiki

In the past.......

UK Official Secrets Act clearance given in 1979.

Work on Psychometric Testing in relation to Firearms Licensing published in the Law Library of Congress USA

Experience in -

Evidence Gathering relating to culturally or religiously motivated crimes aka Honour Crimes

Evidence Gathering of physical not internet Child Abuse Rings based in schools and Churches and associated corruption used to stop investigations and intimidate witnesses and victims.

Gathering evidence and assisting investigators or witnesses whose male or female children have been sexually abused or raped to stop the carrying out investigations into paedophile groups or Islamic terrorist activities in the UK.

Investigating and Evidence Gathering of Law Enforcement, Legal and Political Corruption.

Encouraging witnesses and informants to supply information.

Evidence Gathering regarding the use of Charities, Private and Public Companies to facilitate Islamic Terrorist activities including Planning, Recruiting and Financing.

Secondary Skills acquired to assist with Intelligence Gathering -

Modern Dance

Licensed Casino American Roulette Dealer

Trained in Swedish and Aromatherapy Massage

Trained as a Councilor specializing in Client Centered Therapy

I can also be found on

Twitter ------ ICSpook
Linkedin ------


Facebook -----

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