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Rank increases

Does your rank raise when you score a certain number of points or is it a time based thing? Any answers would be rad... Cheers to you if you can answer that for me.

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Aussie Gun Laws

Can anybody tell me the legal age for a gun license and if possible what caliber restrictions are in Australia. Are carbines illegal? Are you only alowed single fire weapons? Any help would be ...

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Austeyr F-88

This is my countries AR..... The F-88 Austyer is an Australian produced version of the Austrian-designed Styer AUG. Designed in 1977 the Styer's futuristic 'Bullpup' layout alows for shorter ...

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Aussie Youngster

Hey guys and girls, just thought i'd introduce myself Yours Sincerely, Larj 1

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I'm 17 and i've liked guns for about 3 years now. It worried my old school teachers (one of which had been in the army) when i developed this interest...but more at the fact that i picked up on the way alot of mechanisms work very quickly and now know more about guns than my teacher who had himself discharged just 8 months ago.

This is why i'm joining the army. Mainly dew to my love of tanks but also because well....ITS MY DREAM JOB.

Enough of the life story...hope i don't screw a comment up, if i do please feel free to laugh...but if you do find one tell me so i can have a laughs too.

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