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Former Foreign Weapons Instructor - U.S. Army, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

I provided hands-on classroom and live environment training in the identification, operation, methods for render safe, and field exploitation for approximately 70 foreign weapon systems.

Researched technical data on former USSR/Warsaw Pact, European, and ChiCom small arms and infantry weapons, and developed curriculum for instruction, including a comprehensive course manual covering individual weapons, a directory of terms and definitions, and serial number and factory markings data used to positively identify manufacturer and country of origin.

Participated in specialized weapons training during multiple mobile training team missions to U.S. Army SOCOM units to include: U.S. Navy SEAL Teams 2, 4, and SDV Team 2; JFK Special Warfare Center & School; 82d ABN Div.; 101st ABN Div (AASLT); and 1-501st ABN.

Multiple overseas deployments to collect and identify captured weapon systems and equipment.

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