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Hi, my name is Chris. I was born and raised in East TX. The summer of my Jr. year in High School i signed up to join the Marine Corps. 2 weeks after graduation on June 17 2001 i went to boot camp at MCRD San Diego. I got Company High Shooter beating 882 other recruits at the rifle range with a 248/250 possible score. Ranges we 200/300/500 meters. At 500 meters, with an 8 mph crosswind, my 10 rounds were in a 10" group. Lost my target somewhere along the way to the fleet and i am still pissed off about it. Graduated bootcamp Sept. 14 2001. The world trade center attacks happened when we were turning our weapons while Permanent Personnel were being issued there's. Anyways, went to Field Artillery MOS school at Ft. Sill in Lawton, OK. Got stationed at Camp Lejeune in NC. Did one tour in Iraq when we first hit them in early 2003. That was one hell of a ride being the first ones back in Iraq since Desert Storm! Been to Kuwait, Iraq, Spain, Bridgeport Norway, and all over the mid/lower US. I was Honorably Discharged as a CPL. on 0ct. 7 2005. Didn't make it a full month before i bought an AR15....felt naked without my weapon. After i got out i went to UTI in Houston for Auto Body Repair and have been doing that ever since. Oct. 7 2008 i was relieved of all contract obligations to the Marine's weird, i couldn't wait for that day to come but now that it has it feels like i lost a part of myself. Anyways, that's my story. Semper Fi!

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