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Reflex sights

Howdy everybody !! Long time gone , but on my way back to the shooting world. Hope Y'all have been fine ! I was just looking around and saw something that was new and overdue... Russian made ...

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Just read the pres's 23 points and explanation in detail. anybody else stirred up?

New director for the ATF&E, CDC studies gun violence and preventative measures. More "estringent "definitions on "assult weapons", emergency training for our first responders?, limited mag ...

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Need fact check US reverses stance on treaty to regulate arms trade

Http://www.reuters.c/article/politicsNews/idUSTRE59E0Q920091015 everything underscored.

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Alabama Shooting Complex, Has anyone ever been there? Know anything about it?

Has anyone ever heard of or been to the Alabama Shooting Complex. It just caught my eye and I wondered what would it be like there? Heard that there was talk of a long range possibility near ...

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Fell in love with shooting on a streambed with my dad and brother-in-law when I was fourteen. That Remington nylon 66 was the greatest start for a boy. While I may compete with a fifty bmg today I have never and will never lose that sense of joy that you get with a 22. It won't go away. I am in my mid forties now and still can smell those cci 22's as they dissappear into the mud of that streambank. I guess that I may grow older but not up.

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