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Kahr PM9 Gun Review

Kahr PM9 can be easily considered one of the most controversial sub-compact handguns. Many gun enthusiasts can say that there are only two types of opinions of this gun: those who love the gun or those who hate this gun. But even though it has a lot of disadvantages, it's still one of the most popular handguns in the market today.

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Smith & Wesson M&P Gun Review

The Smith and Wesson M&P were first introduced to the market in 2005. Although the name suggests that it's developed for law enforcement (Military and Police), it is becoming one of the most popular semi-automatic handgun in the country. Because of its popularity, various versions have been created to cater specific market depending on the state or use.

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Kel-Tec PF9 Gun Review

The Kel-Tec PF9 is one of the smallest and possibly the lightest handgun developed by the US based manufacturer. The gun was first released in 2006 and immediately gained positive response from various gun enthusiasts for many reasons.

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Glock 17 (9mm Chamber) Gun Review

Polymer handguns can be easily frowned upon by many gun enthusiasts. Some call it "plastic" or "Tupperware" because it is light and the feel of polymer can make the gun look cheap. But leave it to Glock to change how a gun enthusiast will look at polymers.

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Tawny Roberts with 1911Tawny Roberts - March 2011 GunsLot Girl of the Month

We are pleased to introduce the March 2011 GunsLot Girl of the month: Tawny Roberts

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Bella with AR15Bella Valentine - February 2011 GunsLot Girl of the Month

We are pleased to introduce the February 2011 GunsLot Girl of the month: Bella Valentine

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50% Off at Cabela's and is pleased to present the bi-weekly deal of the month. Our first deal is a $20 gift coupon to Cabelas or for $10. Cabelas is one of the largest retailers of camping, ...

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January 2011 GunsLot Girl Jessica With AR-15Jessica - January 2011 GunsLot Girl of the Month

In our quest to create the best online community for the gun enthusiast, we are proud to present the first GunsLot girl of the month debuting this January 2011. We are testing this addition to ...

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Paintball Gun Spree By Pastor Targeted Halloween Kids

Controversial pro gun campaigner and ardent Christian evangelist Peter Hammond stated that he was charged with assault after organizing an anti-Halloween paintball gun shooting spree.

Generals - Top Ten (10) Military Leaders Of All Time w. Pics.

Since the beginning of time, military leaders have either led to a society's expansion or its ultimate downfall. Many leaders lost touch with what they were empowered to do and some gained more and more ambition with each victory. Following is a list of the Top 10 Military Leaders of All Time. These leaders all commanded troops in battle and were feared by their enemies and revered by all.

Church Of England Demands Money From Sony For Resistance: Fall of Man

The Church of England says Sony was not granted permission to use the Manchester Cathedral in the game Resistance: Fall of Man and is demanding a large donation and an apology.

Top Ten (10) Upcoming Movies Based On Video Games

From Super Mario Brothers (1993), Street Fighter (1994), to Mortal Kombat (1995), Pokemon (2002-2007), Final Fantasy (2001) and Doom (2005), video games have been key story lines for many successful movies. We have examined the upcoming movie releases and selected the top ten upcoming movies based on video games. All of these movies are in production and moving forward, therefore movies that have stalled in production were not included.

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