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Upgraded AR15AR Upgrades - Comments

So I am starting to save up money to upgrade my AR. Currently it is a stock Bushmaster O.R.C with a Bushnell 3x9 scope on in. My first upgrade is going to be a tactical charge handle, probably a ...

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Sightmark SightsSightmark Sights

Has anyone had any experience with Sightmark reflex or red dot sights? I am looking for an economical option to swap out the traditional scope on my AR. Can't afford an EOTech or ACOG and I've ...

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old ammo - safe to shoot?

So I think I have given up on finding steel cased ammo for my dad's winchester 670. I have heard enough warnings about steel cased ammo at the pressures of a 30-06 cartridge in a gun not designed ...

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Spam spam spam spam

Anyone know how the bots are getting past the Captchas? There seems to have been a lot of spam recently, I'm wondering if there are actually people in impoverished countries behind the posts ...

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I am an IT security specialist and a certified public accountant. I was married to my beautiful wife in 2009 and we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl in October of 2010.

I enjoy shooting, firearms history, and never tire of learning new things.

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