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I am thinking of making my 29-10 full moon clip ready, does anyone...........

Does anyone know if there are negative consequences of doing this? I will use Clark Customs as they are highly recommended. They state that one can still use speedloaders or load by hand, as the ...

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I am a Marine who is no longer active, but I still love to throw lead down range! I am a S&W revolver enthusiast and my favorite is obviously the Model29. Although I am new to Conceal carry, I couldn't take a break from being, at least, in the "yellow" all the time. I carry my model 29, 6 1/2 inch blued barrel engraved revolver, and the weight isn't any concern to me; I like the heavier revolver due the absorption of the .44 magnum's recoil with its' large mass. I will be attending Frontsight within the next year to brush up on my skills and am a proud NRA member. Carrying open is what I will do most of the time (i.e, side-holster with tee shirt covering most of it). If you don't already know who Frontsight is, then it is time to google it. You will be glad that you did. They are arguably the best training facility in the USA, they have a lifetime membership, and are greatly helping to positively change the way people view gun-owners. Anyway, I also will be competing in IDPA matches when I finally get out of school, so I need a 4 inch Model 29!!!!!!

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