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Bushmaster ACR

I found a Bushmaster ACR at my local range do any of you guys have any insight on this one read some reviews and they left me at a 50/50 i love the look and the feel but just wondering if the ...

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Funny Quote(s)

“Peace is that brief glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading." ~Thomas Jefferson~ anyone got any?

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im mad as hell!!!

NJ Passaic county PD told me i will have to wait 3 months for my 2nd hand gun permit i think this is BS are there NJ residents that can give me a hint on what to do to speed up the process

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Should i build or Buy my first AR?

i was shopping around looked at the sig 516 and LWRC also look at the colt 901... so what do you guys think should i look into a build or buy?

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