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Christian gun toting conservative. I dont like to be told how to live or how to think by stuck up liberal assholes. I have 4 wonderful children and a fat happy grandson. I have 3 daughters (China 19, Holly 8, Kari 5) and 1 son (Caleb 18). My grandson is 8 months (Kimahri aka Buddha). I have been married twice. My grandpaw said "Its cheaper to find someone you dont like every 10 years and buy them a house." But my 2 oldest are by my ex wife and my 2 little ones are by my current wife. She's my little 5'1" pitbull. I guess shes a keeper or maybe I'm just too old to care about looking again. My grandson is my oldest daughters son.

I'm an old fashioned southern boy, born and raised and PROUD OF IT! I learned alot from my grandfather and no advancement in technology can replace the wisdom I learned from his lips. I am a proud family man and I do my best to keep my family as close as possible to me because you never know if we'll be blessed with another day on this earth. I am proud of who I am and what I stand for! Even though I am a very likeable talkitive person, I can argue any man into the ground when it comes to what I believe in and what I was raised on.

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