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want a damn hat!!!

my ol' man says he aint blessin this site with his presence till hats are available for purchase!hurry hurry!now all the asshole does is sit around and bitch that gunslot gear was his idea and he ...

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gunslot gear

it needs a american flag on it!then the next thing is make it available to us!not no contest!tell ya what?you take care of my four kids then i'll post reviews!

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feed my family with wild game

I am a mother that prefers to feed my family with either home raised meat or wild game and fresh veggies.My husband has bought and built for me a few rifles and a handgun. Until my youngest ...

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Mrs. Smith And Wesson
making my husband a happy man!

I am a mother of four and I am married to a man that I have been infatuated with since I was 15. Now I am proud to be married to him and have two of his children.The asshole has bought me and built me a few guns but i have as of yet to shoot them! maybe someday or when the democrats come knockin at our door!

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