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Micro yet Terminal .17

I have been OTL on firearms lately even though I shoot my pellet rifles on a regular basis. I only shoot .177 and sometimes shoot solids for alley cats and distant pigeons. Well I was a little ...

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If I could of turned off that 'thread' before a bunch of old geezers got all excited I would of except only one person offered any help (thank you, but it was to late) and the rest just ...

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Zombie Shooting gettin kinda stupid BUT

How does rotted bloodless flesh react to penetrating bullets? Ya gotta figure that all FMJ is out and all frangible is in. Or like in my youth where I dug out of the garage my Mec 600 Jr in 20 ga. ...

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Fact or Fiction

I have a 'Nam' blade which is a Gerber combat dagger with the grey handle. I was thinking about selling it so just like a Winchester I ran the numbers and sure enough it came up as a 1974. It has ...

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