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Pistol Grip Mossberg 500 JIC

Pistol Gripped Boomstick

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East German Police gun.

A nice 9

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Great fun 10 rounds at a time

The SKS. Is it a deer rifle or assault rifle?

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An expensive plinker

Yes I called it a plinker as it really doesn't have much more kick or take down than a .22lr

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Recently back!

I've been gone for about 4 years. I'm not sure exactly why I stopped coming around. I love this site and the people here have always given me food for thought. Funny thing that brought me back was ...

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ND Arms Long Range

A friend of mine has a single shot 12 gauge shotgun. When he found it the stock was in horrible condition and he as since replaced it. We're trying to find out more info about the shotgun. All ...

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Questions about two guns

My uncle was showing me 2 pistols, one is an Armi Tanfolgio Guissepe .25 and the other is an Iver Johnson .38 S&W Model 1. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if the first is a reliable gun, ...

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What do yall think about this?

I was thinking it would be fun to have a weekly contest, not for money or physical prizes, but maybe for points? I was thinking something like "Name That Gun" where whoever is in charge of the ...

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Man. Haven't been on here in forever. Did a google search on a gun and a picture of mine showed up linked to this amazing website. So I'm back! Not too much to say about myself. Just a good ol' fashioned gun nut and amateur guntinkerer

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