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Let me introduce myself

This is where the ladies and weak of heart have a chance to run screaming. I am old, garrulous, extremely good looking and know just about enough about everything to have an opinion but not enough ...

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Blue River

Raised in the north woods of Wisconsin, lived on a farm, served 10 years active in the Navy during the party years in the South East. 6 years in the Army Reserves as a Combat Engineer.

Played football, boxed and was a member of both the Navy and Army rifle and pistol teams and had the pleasure of competing at the All Navy level while active and All Army level while a reserve. Also taught marksmanship to various law enforcement agencies as a volunteer instructor and made my living as a electrician and building engineer.

I'd rather fish than eat and I love to eat. I prefer mules over horses and horses over most people.

A day without shooting or cleaning guns or talking about guns is an empty day. I live on 12 acres and have my own range with permanent targets set up at ranges from 15 yards to 200 yards. My backyard is 25,000 acres of public hunting land and I am only a mile from the Wisconsin River. I am living in my go to place if the world comes to a bad place.

As for me I am old, white haired, bearded and incredibly good looking but don't let that bother you because I am also very modest.

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