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Things with Obama are beginning to make sence now

I had a very hard time attempting to figure out what Obama's game plan was and is. With the economy, nothing he has done makes any sence. He says he wants the economy to grow yet a 9 year old ...

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Tim Hare
United States

I live in Wyestern Wyoming but have lived in Kalifornia.
I spent 20+ years with the military 15 of which was with NAVY SPECIAL WARFARE attatched to SPECIAL BOAT UNIT 11 as a Boat Captian on PBR's and crewed on MINI ATC's.
My rate was a GUNNERS MATE GUNS.
I have been a working Cowboy.
I am a Ham Radio operator my call sign is KC7WRH.
For over 30 years I have reloaded ammunition as a bussiness with empiphsis on match grade type handun and rifle ammunition. Have been known to build rifles and some hand guns.
As much as I love my guns BOW HUNTING is in by blood deep.
For my bow I now shoot the PSE X-FORCE. The X-FORCE is increditable.
Having sold Guns, Bows and other sporting goods in Jackson, Wyoming for several years I am looking to maybe opening a small gun smith / custom ammo shop in the future. Time will tell.
A strong conservative. I believe in the original intent of the founding fathers and what was written in the CONSTITUTION and not how so liberal politition or judge interpets it meaning.
If you would like to know more just ask.
Take care and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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