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Sorry, been out for awhile. Updates comming!

Sorry guys, I have been working my ass off. It's been awhile since I've been on here, please accept my apology. I have been working 75 hours a week, and balancing a life on top of it. I now work ...

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Shala Pirate w/ a Lugar Mak 10Post your girl+gun PIX!

Hey on the forum original Thread it says post pics, but all strings so far are about celebrities...whats up with that? I dont know if nudity is allowed so none yet, unless an admin says its ...

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"Black Widow"CUSTOM 1911's. What do YOU think?

So this guy Reeder Is amazing at customising weapons. Take a look at his website and let us know what you think. Or check the Images tab to the right of this one. I ...

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Rare GunNew collectors. What is your next planned purchase?

I myself need a good pump action, a Mossberg 300, with dual pistol grips and a bayonette, but the short version for the house defense. Really its the only thing I need as per the old song: I ...

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About PirateTattooist

Full Name:
Cris Pirate
Vero Beach
United States
Tattoo Artist/ FHP Telecommunications Engineer

Hey, Im Cris, Gun enthusiest and Zombie apocolypse preparer.

Im new to the gun collecting trade, and I know my guns arent amazing, but I like them and they are the best I can do for now.

I love russian weapons, the Mosin,Ak's, SKS's, Tokarev's, and especially the PPSH-41..

I would love to have all of those eventually.

Right now I currently only have :
A Mosin Nagant Carbine,
An SKS (Norinco),
2 Hi-Point Pistols (9mm and .45)
I do have a Sawn off shotgun , though I dont count it cuz I found it in a barn and only works occasionally.
(Update 11-15-12)
I also have:
A Smith&Wesson .40 cal (SW40P)
A Russian 1950 CCCP Tokarev TT-33
A Mossberg 500 12ga
A PPS-43
An AK47 Georgia Arms
And a Marlin .22 "vermin gun"

Im intrested In AK's, 1911's, Desert Eagles, Glocks, and lots more.

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