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The Facts Please...

If there is one thing that will absolutely drive the anti gun crowd nuts it is facts. They simply cannot stand the truth so for most arguments they manufacture facts and present debate based on a ...

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Hello Gunslot folks

Hello everyone. New to the site but I have been surfing through for a few days and reading post and comments. I look forward to talking firearms with you guys. I am from Arkansas and glad to be ...

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I am a former Marine. I proudly served two tours of duty with the Corps and was discharged in 1991 after the first Gulf War. I have been a firearms lover and enthusiast all my life. I am a strict Constitutionalist and believe in the founding documents, and the founding father's vision for this country. Especially the second amendment of the Bill Of Rights. For I know from experience that guns are NOT the problem, but they are the answer to a lot of problems. And Yes, it does matter THAT you vote, and it matters HOW you vote....I Support our Troops 100%. Which means I also support their mission. Regardless of what you may think, or how you may feel, if you do not support their mission, then you do not support them. They deserve our support because again, regardless of race or gender, whether they are rich or poor, they ARE America's Finest...God Bless The United States Of America...

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