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25.06 rifle cartridge

Attended a recent gun show and purchased a custom Mauser action rifle with Weatherby premier wood stock. Took it to the range the next day and hit a clay pigeon at 100 50 yards, 12 gong at 100, ...

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Hi gun folks!

I am rmgunsmith on this site. In 2004 I started my own gun smith shop and have been working on guns and loading custom ammo ever since. I grew up in Western Colorado and started hunting when I was ...

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Glock 20 conversion to 9x25 Dillon

Converted my Glock 20 10MM to a Glock 9x25 Dillon. Double Tap supplied the Lone Wolf stainless drop in fit barrel. I also installed a Sprinco recoil system to absorb the shock of this hi powered ...

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About rmgunsmith

Full Name:
Dan Haynes
United States

I have been in the Gun Smithing profession since 2004. After attending the Colorado School of Trades, I ran my own general gunsmith shop in Montrose Colorado working on customer guns. I worked with the general public when working on firearms, buying and selling firearms, and conducting background checks for gun buyers. I still have my FFL and am active in Gun Smithing and sales.

I have an excellent knowledge of most firearms including rifles, shotguns and handguns. I specialize in custom Pistol Smithing and working with wood. I can provide samples of my custom work at your request.

In addition I am considered an excellent shot with handguns. I have fired thousands of rounds through large bore handguns up to 500 Smith & Wesson magnum.

I have strong communication skills and am able to express my knowledge in the classroom, one on one and with written documents. I am very familiar with Microsoft Word and Power Point.

Rocky Mountain Gun Smithing 2004 to present:

• Attended Colorado School of Trades gunsmith school
• Certified as NRA Range Safety Officer
• Colorado Concealed Weapon Permit holder
• NRA Small Business Alliance member
• Federal Firearms license to deal in firearms and manufacture ammunition
• Operate full service gunsmith shop
• Performed custom gun stock refinishing
• Specialize in double action revolver trigger jobs
• Specialize in custom reloading of both rifle and pistol ammunition
• Utilize technical manuals for complete disassembly/reassembly of all types of firearms.
• Worked on customer firearms for general repairs, scope mounting, and action work.
• Ordered and set up new rifles, bore sighted scopes, mounted slings, and sighted in at range
• Attended the 2005, 2008 & 2009 Shot Shows to keep on top of the latest products related to firearms

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