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ImageThe end is near! luckybychoice2243 weeks 4 days ago
ImageKinky? samD31 year 31 weeks ago
ImageLittle Known Naval History samD41 year 31 weeks ago
ImageMerry Christmas ! - You' ve been Elfed !!! samD11 year 40 weeks ago
ImageA little History on Croatia, formerly Yugoslavia samD32 years 19 weeks ago
ImageAK47 Girl samD22 years 20 weeks ago
Forum topicA reminder about taxes samD42 years 22 weeks ago
Forum topicBorder Patrol Checkpoint runawaygun762242 years 29 weeks ago
ImageBosom buddy II samD62 years 30 weeks ago
ImageNo assatall samD92 years 30 weeks ago
ImageWho needs a babysitter? samD32 years 30 weeks ago
ImageWhat do you think? Makes sense to me. Seperate the Commie scum... samD272 years 31 weeks ago
Forum topic2nd Ammendment and the KoolAid Drinkers by Paul Howe samD92 years 32 weeks ago
ImageCopy & Print this for your home or business samD32 years 33 weeks ago
ImageLt John Finn Medal of Honor Winner - RIP samD42 years 33 weeks ago
ImageWhat does a fully automatic AK cost to manufacture? samD42 years 33 weeks ago
ImageMore balls than brains, ah youth, too bad it is wasted on the young samD22 years 33 weeks ago
ImageBOYCOTT "Machete" It's Racist and un-American samD62 years 33 weeks ago
ImageSnake and his new gun... samD102 years 35 weeks ago
Forum topicThis could very well happen here and soon. Important to read & Watch samD282 years 37 weeks ago
ImageJihad & Taliban New Gunship samD12 years 38 weeks ago
ImageSF, CA Hunters Point Navy Base 1971 Photo samD42 years 38 weeks ago
Forum topic.380 Vs. The World sytasyn_syn532 years 38 weeks ago
ImageOK Navy Guys, what the hell is going on? Besides a drowning in action? samD102 years 38 weeks ago
Forum topicPoliticians samD152 years 41 weeks ago

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