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CoolBreeze 9mm, cool name dude! welcome.

Hey welcome to the site. I don't think we've met yet. If as your nickname inplies you're into 9mm weapons, you'll really juice on the ones my older brother, myself and my best friend got for all ...

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Greasypaws chan: an open letter to a dear friend and great teacher.

Sir, and I know you don't like being called sir, but I'm an Israeli born, Texas boi and I was taught manners and I would feel strange not addressing you in such a formal way in a formal letter.

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Is the PM mail feature still not working?

i'm not complaining. i'm just curious because this feature of the site is so useful. I hope it will be back up soon and I wish Marvin and Quinton Godspeed and the best of luck. Send it!

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Update on Ryo kun's swim meet:

our dad just called me and the 4 x 400 meter freestyle was won by our school. we started out fast and finished even faster for a school record with my aniki chan Ryo kun, swimming anchor and ...

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High School Student

Hello everyone. I'm Ryu. I'm the younger brother of LittleDragon and the second son of Ironkoji on the site here. I'm an honors student and I have a great interest in going to West Point when I graduate. However, if I can't get into West Point I do have an alternate plan. I love to shoot. I've been shooting regularly since I was 10 years old. My favorite rifles are my brand new Knight's Armaments M110 SASS, and the birthday present I got from my dad last week, which is a US Navy Model 12 Mark X Special Purpose Rifle.
I'm an Expert Marksman certified by the Gun Club and Shooting Range, our family belongs to, in the under 18 age group. I look forward to making closer friends with the ones I already have here now that my dad has allowed me to become a member.

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