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Cross in the Mojave

I guess I will open my mouth and tick some people off but stupid has raised itsugly head again in something. The cross in the Mojave means something special to many people who had someone in World ...

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The four horseman

I think its time to remind everybody that the Pres. elect has his four horseman already in place. The four are Sen. Reed Sen Polosie, Soros and last but not least Mr. billionair Buffet, not the ...

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Acquiring target

I guess we all talk about hitting center mass but over the years I used a system to improve picking and locating. I take several wood stakes about 8 to 10 in. wide and 3 to 4 ft long then I use ...

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Have gun will travel

For those of you who plan to travel to another state, I would like to remind you to first call the atty. general of states visting also pick up alock box to put in your car. Next you might want ...

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ex military, ex private security have been a lot of places I don't remember the names of. Have 6 grandchildren and think we are in a wounded knee era and that our forefathers are turning in there graves because the good guys are losing there rights and freedoms

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