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Smith & Wesson Model 500

Parent:  Smith & Wesson Model 500 Performance Rating:  10 ...

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Glock 22 Generation 2

The Glock series of pistols have to be some of the straightest shooting pistols I have ever shot. Within 50 yards hitting a bulls eye with a little experience is...

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AK-47 Review

The rifle, chambered in 7.62x39, has a lot of power but where it hurts is in the accuracy department. The accuracy for this rifle is terrible and...

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Beauty and the Beast

A shotgun that can't be overlooked!

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I wanted to know what your opinions are on Savage rifles. No one in my family has ever owned one and I've never shot one in person. I don't even know much about them. Just wanted to know what you ...

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Hunting Setup

For the hunting group out there what gun do you hunt with most? To date my most used hunting gun is my Remington 870 Wingmaster. - For deer I use a smooth bore slug barrel with a rifled choke. I ...

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Age & Affiliation

A little survey I'm conducting. List your age and then your party affiliation and lets see what we can find out. I'll give you some results every couple of posts. 18 - Independent

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Sarah Palin

1) As mayor of Wasilla, Palin made rape victims pay for their own forensic evidence kits (That's messed up!) 2) Palin is opposed to abortion in cases of rape and incest (even if victims are ...

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