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Checking in to see whos among the livin.

Hey guys and gals, hows everyone doing? Thought id stop by to check in with ya all. I know I know I come and go haha its nothing personal just that this place aint as active as it used to be haha! ...

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Lee-Enfield No.4 MKI T

Well restoration is underway on the No.4. Couple concerning questions arose during the cosmoline removal and blue removal. On the reciver it says No.4 MKI T im obviouly confused as the T signifys ...

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Back on my old account Snake is back but ya knew that already haha!!

Wooooooooo hhhhhooooo went through some papers to find my ORIGINAL ACCOUNT PASSWORD!!!!! All futher pisting will be from this account. Sorry for any confusion in advance as I thought my original ...

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Yeah I Am Pullin Out Too

Gonna disappear for a few weeks. I aint feeling to welcome much here anymore. I aint here for the guns as much anymore I am here for the friends I do have. But now the friendship is fading I only ...

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My name is Jon, but I go by my nick name Snake. I am a proffesional security guard in when I am proud of my job. I am also an Avid Milsurp firearms collector but have a few modern firearms as well.

My current collection consists of...

2 Mauser K98k, VZ.24, CETME FR-7 & FR-8, 1916 Lee-Enfield No.1 MKIII, Norinco SKS, N-PAP M70, Universal .30 Carbine, Stevens Model 320, Eagle Arms Companion, Para Ordnance GI Expert, FEG P9R.

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