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Walther P22Petite Female - Walther P22 for Personal carry and range shooting?

Looking at getting the Walther P22 for personal carry and range shooting. Please give me your thoughts on this or any suggestions you may have.

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Gun Question

I've decided to purchase an XD45, but I am getting negative feed back from my peers. They are telling me I should go for the .40 CAL.. They are telling me the .40 cal has better accuracy and ...

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Hey Everyone

what is the likely consequence of firing a 2 3/4" shotgun shell in a shotgun chambered for 3" shells?

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Gun Question

am a "newbie" and have a question regarding the correct position of the piston in the Saiga .410, that has the AK47like action. The piston has a solid end, and a hollow end. Which way is the ...

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My name is Stephanie and I have a fascination with guns, I have always wanted to own one, But wanted to make sure it was the right gun and that I knew how to use one before I went and bought a gun, I hope to have all my curiosity answered and learn more about guns, shooting ranges and etc. I love meeting people with the same interest as me.

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