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Conversion Units

Anybody have or use a 22 conversion for a full auto Uzi? Any feeding problems.......jamms.......... is it worth the money, or is it more of a pain/problem than it is worth.

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Anybody hear the mistake obama made when he said he was going to campaign vigorously in (All 57 States)? Most people know that the United States only has 50 states, but what many don't know is ...

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S & W 500

I recently go a S&W 500. What a "Hand-Canon"!!! Problem is, every time I squeeze that trigger, its $2.24. 48 to 50 bucks for a box of 20 is a little steep, but I can't find anyone to reload ...

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COP 4-Shot 357 Magnum

Hi, I am new to this site, actually its the first time I have use it, so if I don't appear to know what I am doing, you are probably right. I am a retired Police Officer, with 29 years of ...

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