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Smith & Wesson Model 642 I a great carry piece

In my opinion, this is one of the best carry guns ever made - but it is not for everyone. The Smith and Wesson 642 "Airweight" is an aluminum and stainless steel J-frame, 5-shot revolver chambered in .38 Special +P. I was surprised to see that the price for these went up by about $100 since I bought mine a few years back. I've owned this gun for a while and carried it a lot, so I figured I do a range report.

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CW9...Nice try Kahr

I bought this for the wife as her first gun. She likes the way it feels but I have some issues with it

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Wonderful weapon

With this weapon, I do here, secure.

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Ma Deuce

This is a heavy hitter, that don't quit.

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Vettix.orgFor the Vets

I have found a site that I hope you guys will check out. It is called The site is a purely donate and request site. It is set up for active military or Vets to request tickets to show ...

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Trijicon Night SightsCheap price please?

Now I know I am probably asking to much but I shall ask anyway. I own a Smith&Wesson M&P 45 (best gun ever) and I am in the market for trijicon night sights and also would like to own a ...

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Benelli Nova. 3 1/2" mag chambered. 26" 12 GA pumpRecoil solutions for my Benelli

I own a Benelli Nova, 3 1/2in chambered. This has some big kick to it and even though I don't use 3 1/2in shells for skeet, it still have heavy recoil. I am not about to shoot 100 rounds from this ...

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Guns!Upgrading the gun profiles.

I have made many gun profiles for this site and try to add as much info as possible. I love profiles that allow you to know a lot about the gun from the one pages dossier...and "knowing is half ...

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Trouble with Douche-Buckets

This damn near set me off and would of got me arrested!

Im Back...Again...

Well hello and welcome back into my mind


While I have been on here for 6 months, I still am never at a loss for interesting people.

Shooting Around the Corner?

Ever think that it would be cool to be able to shot around the corner? Well imma tell you to wait for a new weapon

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